Hello lovely ladies!

My name is Nina and I am a feisty 36 year old based in California.  I love hiking, cooking, kayaking, adventure and long beautiful walks to the fridge.  This is how my story begins:

One lazy Summer afternoon in 2020, I was falling asleep at work.  I was a personal assistant to the co-founder of a commercial real estate company.  I was feeling uninspired and unchallenged at my job.  I was also feeling anxious and that led to me being unhappy at work.  I realized I needed to take matters into my own hands and make a choice.  I decided I needed to quit for the sake of my sanity and my happiness.  I knew I wanted to be my own boss  and to pursue something I was passionate about.  I was always interested in fashion and the way it makes me feel.  When I look good, I feel good and confident.  I wanted to help and inspire others to feel the same way.  

The Curated Boutique is feminine style with an edge. We offer beautiful, affordable clothing for the modern women.   Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the items I have curated for you.

Happy shopping!